About us


The Goal

Our goal at Parsons is simple. We want to provide you with the highest quality men’s knitwear at the most reasonable price.

The Vision

The vision is clear too - to dress you year-round in staple garments that can be utilised throughout the seasons in perfect harmony. Understated, unbridled luxury; it’s the Parsons way.

Why Parsons?

Because we are the best at what we do.

Whether it’s fitting out the crew of a superyacht or dressing the owner in bespoke knitwear, we do it all.

We are ateliers of the luxe and we want you to join our exclusive alumni.

Versatility virtuosos

Every garment is designed with the client in mind.

Which is why each piece is versatile enough to be worn with anything in your wardrobe to create unique, elegant looks that show off your style without trying too hard.

The ability to create bespoke looks that suit your personal style is of the utmost importance. We get it. That’s why Parsons knitwear facilitates creativity. Our designs are understated classics that never go out of style, giving you the most stylish base to curate the perfect fit for years to come

Fashion is a form of good manners.



Parsons Clothing
44 Village road 
West Kirby